Tips To Help Keep Dolls safe!

As our dolls come with softer vinyls as well as the silicone-vinyl, doll mommies are discovering that these new materials are suseptable to staining and discoloration when the dolls come into contact with certain things.  With the help of many wonderful doll mommies I have put together a list of things that may cause problems with our dolls.  If you know of something not shown here, Please contact me at so I can add it to the list.  

These are tips and there may be other things not listed here that may cause problems.  Please, I offer this as a helpful guide but I do not assume responsibility if you run into problems with your babies. 
Thank You!

* For many of these stains Oxy 10 applied once or several times (allowing it to sit for a bit and wiping it off) will remove the stain!

* When storing your new reborn kits or dolls in plastic bags, permanant marker on the outside of the bag tends to soak thru the plastic and stain the doll inside.

* Deep colors on materials such as deep reds, black, and dark blue can stain a baby.  Wash all baby clothes before putting them on the baby.  ALSO, put a safe baby blanket under the doll if you are going to lay her on material rich in color such as a comforter on a bed...etc

* Name bracelets can leave marks on the dolls wrist.

*When shipping a baby do NOT use packing peanuts as they react to the vinyl and leave discoloration and stickiness on the vinyl.  It's best to wrap a blanket all around the baby (make sure the blanket is not a deep color and if it is, wash it first) before laying it in the box.  If you worry about the safety of the baby's head you can put a diaper over the head before wrapping baby in the blanket.  I have not heard of any issues with tissue paper or bubble wrap.  Always wrap baby in a blanket first though.

* Some dolls made in germany can react to the stains in wood.

* Newspaper can stain a doll, it's best not to use newspaper for packing baby, or lay baby on or near newspaper.

* silicone-vinyl dolls sometimes react to dolls made just of vinyl causing discoloration in the silicone-vinyl doll.  If it can be avoided, don't have these two kinds of dolls touching each other.

* Some painted surfaces or furnature can stain a doll, when in doubt best to be cautious.

* The new baby fat weighting pellets can react to the vinyl and silicone-vinyl.  When using baby fat pellets place them in a casing (such as panty hose) before placing them into the dolls limbs.

*the ink on paper towels with decorative print can stain a doll.

I know it sounds like a lot but simple precautions can prevent future problems (such as always placing baby on a safe baby blanket before setting baby on something).

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