This Tutorial will show you how to make a clear plastic pacifier prop for mini babies from 3" to 8".

Supplies needed:
50mm suction cups like what you see in the photos.

Hole punch that punches tiny holes.

Brads or stickers or tiny buttons, whatever you choose to be the 'handle' part of the pacifier...I am using 1/2 plastic pearl stickers, and plastic gem stickers. 

*I found the stickers and hole punch in the scrapbooking section of the craft store.  Ask you craft store where the suction cups can be found.

If you decide to use brads, artists push the center of the brad thru the plastic and then trim it off on the inside so it is smooth and won't scratch the baby.  If you use buttons...simply glue them in place.

Supplies are all set out...Lets begin.
A close-up picture of the suction cup you will need.  Be sure to get this kind and not the kind with a "second thicker layer" around the center of the suction cup.
Cut the center out of the suction cup.
The easiest way to cut your pacifiers is to first cut your suction cup into sections (the size of the section depends on the size of the doll you are making the pacifier for.  Then cut the shape of the pacifier out of each can choose which shape you want your pacifier, I like the shape you see in the pictures.
.  You may find that after cutting your pacifiers out that the edges are rough.  You can smooth those edges by CAREFULLY taking a lighter and placing the flame to the side of the pacifier for a quick second and then press that edge with your finger.  After you have your pacifier cut outs looking like you want then take your hole punch and punch "breathing" holes.
Your pacifiers are finished.  To keep them in place on the baby I use a tiny piece of uncured (unbaked) flesh colored polymer clay.  simply press the clay into place on the inside of the pacifier and then press the pacifier in place on babies mouth.

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